About Really Montana Photography

Picture of John and Elisha Mack of really Montana Photography


Hello! We’re John and Elisha Mack… the founding members of the Really Montana Photography team (we maintain great relationships with other photographers and use then when necessary).

We’re a married couple obsessed with Montana, good food, and having fun!

When they say “opposites attract,” it’s 100% true for us! We are complete opposites, but thank goodness we balance each other out together. While Elisha loves planning, details, and getting lost in the moment; John is amazing at seeing the big picture and keeping things interesting!

We’ve made Great Falls, Montana our home partially because some of our roots are here and partly because of the opportunities being here afford. As we’re situated between Glacier National Park and Yellowstone —and being right on the Missouri River— our town is a wonderful place to be! Also, being so close to the Rocky Mountain Front makes escaping to explore for a day so easy. We’re always up for new adventures —especially when that means capturing special moments in a new and exciting way!

Four Things You Should Know About Us

  1. We love photography. Our photography story began years ago when accidentally took a photo that we absolutely loved… and then we printed it… and we’ve really never stopped talking about photography since.
  2. We are professionals who are fun to work with. We’re on time, every time, and with the right equipment. We have invested in redundant back-up systems to prevent lost photos.
  3. We are creative. We make stressed out parents feel at ease about their crying little ones who just refuse to be photographed.
  4. Our Clients mean the world to us! We love our Clients and the community we are creating with them. We’re blessed that our way of doing business makes us a part of so many people’s lives. We are so grateful to be able to do what we do!

The Really Montana Photography brand is about amazing photography, top-notch customer service, lifelong photographic education, and capturing beautiful Montana moments that are meant to be shared. We are licensed, insured, and are committed to growing a professional, full-service photographic service company in Great Falls and around the State of Montana.

Our mission is to delight our clients by passionately crafting images people want to look at.

On the commercial side of the house, we partner with our business clients to deliver value-added image assets shot to suit.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information; we truly LOVE talking about photography.

—John and Elisha Mack