We create photos that make you money.

You've worked hard to build and maintain your brand... don't let bad photos tarnish that. Check out your top competitors' website... they're probably using professional photos and if they aren't, you have an opportunity to set yourself apart! 

When bring real value on commercial photography projects because we:

  • Discuss ideas and concepts for the shoot with decision makers,

  • Plan scenes prior to the shoot,

  • Bring appropriate lighting (the ambient light and small camera flash just won't cut it),

  • Anticipate troublesome issues like correcting reflections on shiny surfaces, dealing with oily skin, balancing bright outside light with indoor lighting, etc.,

  • Coordinate many logistical considerations like having Photography Releases signed, scheduling individual headshots, making sure key staff is in place for the shoot, and more,

  • Post-process and finish the images for maximum impact depending on the final use of the image,

  • Bring great, can-do attitudes, and try to make a typically stressful experience fun for everyone involved!

General Project Information and Pricing

We custom-bid each commercial project we complete. Pricing varies based on the complexity of the shoot, duration, location, intended usage, and other factors. As an example, a typical small business shoot resulting in ten images, the cost would be around $1,000.

Event Coverage Information and Pricing

Our all-inclusive event coverage rate is $225 per hour for events four hours or less (discounted rates for longer or multi-day events).  This rate includes two photographers and you receive all the best of your post-processed images in a high resolution digital format after the event.

You receive unlimited, perpetual licenses for all of your images. For our event photography, we do more than just take pictures; we're your media partner and can help you extract the most bang for your buck at your event. We photograph repeat events for great partners like the CM Russell Museum and others.

Mileage for jobs outside of Great Falls will be negotiated as will any extraordinary factors affecting completion of the job including rush fees.

As an experienced Montana commercial photographer, Really Montana Photography does commercial work around the State while based out of Great Falls, Montana.